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lovers with more investigators expected to se its more-several more hours -- according to two different neighbors is a retired san francisco firefighter. one neighbor said that he lived there with his grandson. another person said that he lived there with his girlfriend. we are still trying to get more information perhaps from the public information officer. however, you can see the house is on the left. it is not the brick house. you can see it started near the small fire. near the alameda county fire department came out and quickly put out the fire and turn the process they discovered a dead body and they do this from time to time but there was something suspicious in nature. the investigators are not telling us why they were called out. but it is the
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fire department. you need to come out it is your scene. the homicide investigation unit is here. again we're still waiting for the public informational officer. >> a developing story will keep you updated thank you, will tran. and also there is a hot spot, george. >> sadly menlo park there are three left lanes that are blocked with a multi- vehicle accident. blocking bayshore traffic towards university but it is not impacting southbound this could be at least another 45 minutes. we could be looking at a significant backup.
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that could be really jamming of the northbound 101. and we're also looking at another problem on highway 92/san mateo bridge. this is on the approach. westbound. the three right lanes are blocked with an overturned accident. this is before the toll plaza. you can see traffic is light right now. it is backed up between industrial on the westbound direction. you can expect that through highway 92. this however, could be cleared up within the next 30 minutes. that is what sources are telling me. we could catch a break. >> thank you, george. as we follow our big story the weather in the heat wave. we are speaking of these red flag warning center in effect. to get you more news
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faster, jackie. >> good morning it is supposed to be hot. it is not the hot heat is that wind that is the issue. gusting between 10 m.p.h.-20 m.p.h. with a consistency of 25 m.p.h. that means that these conditions are extremely dangerous for high wind, high fiber, low humidity. that the trifecta with high-wind high fire danger -- until 8:00 a.m. they are telling people not to use a barbecue. and also, do not use any power lawn tools. right now, there is a ton of tend fuel let us remember that tomorrow is the oakland hills anniversary 21st anniversary. it was 1991. conditions similar to
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this. high wind, low humidity, light temperatures it is a reminder that we really need to be careful. and eric oa erica? >> good morning, jacki. we have been looking at the extended forecast models. and we are going to see a shifting with the high- pressure flattening out. right now, the national weather service has issued that until eight t a.m. relatively warm conditions could prompt that fire danger to be extended. from it fog along the coast. and checking out current conditions 63 degrees and downtown san francisco. 60s in oakland. where we are expected to see these
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temperatures go later. >> the update on bay area baseball. the san francisco giants lost against st. louis. three-one was the final score. the st. louis cardinals is leading the championship 2-1. there was a brief delay because of rainfall actually it was more like 3.5 hours. and they had some pretty decent performances from the pictures. matt cain. and just one difficult to-one homer. that was all they needed to take the lead. san francisco could not take it back. however, this is what the manager had to say. >> well we felt it was an
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important gain. it was a great effort from nat. he really pitched well from matt. other than that, you pitched efficiently. he give us a chance to win. our chances. just that one more hit would have done some damage. and that is what we were hoping to do. that just one hit was the one that did not happened. and of course, these guys battled hard. >> we will see what happens at 5:00 p.m. that is tam lincecum. he is coming back strong for the post season tam lincecum. -. >> up tim lincecum will return. >> this fireball lit up the
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night sky and even rattled some homes and cast a shadow. many people reported this loloaud boom. we will be right back it
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the >> new this morning a big
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move from newsweek. after 80 years they say that they're going to stop print. this announcement was made it this morning it is all going digital. the decision has trying to reach a broader audience with a digital platform. the last print issue will be december 31st. as we wait for the opening bell. there are new numbers the weekly jobless applications jumped 46,000. jumping into a 388,000. the increase represents a rebound. and if the state
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reported a large crop of applications. since we have seen in february card this week, there was a significant increase. as applications were processed. here are the latest numbers will see how these impact the numbers. the opening bell will be visiting with rob black. >> despite protests from rising tuition at california public colleges students are graduating with one of the lowest averages and the nation of debt. many people are taking on the student that compared to 66% that or indented, nationwide. this survey found that only utah and hawaii had >> announcer: meet jill. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor. and she might have, if not for kari, the identity thief who
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>> menlo park is getting additional information it was a solo-vehicle accident. it was first reported at live a.m. and other vehicles started smashing into that
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car at 5:00 a.m. and it became a multi-vehicle accident. these three lanes north of will or down. north of willow are shot down. it is impacting palo alto, university avenue. i understand that the tow truck has not even a ride on the scene. the hope that this crash could be cleared by 6:40 it could be diminished. delays for the bayshore with traffic still light it is only going to cost to about five minutes for the northbound. the other hot spot is the approach. it is westbound on 92. it will be back with progress in clearing some of those lanes. we are seeing a lot of those traffic flowing from the bridge toward when
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at last we looked at this there was no traffic. they are running this break and now that the traffic is moving it looks as though they have opened up the floodgates. and at least one, towo halves of three lanes impacted. it will be coming from the nimitz freeway 94 westbound before the toll plaza. but not actually on the bridge. however, the meter and lights have been activated before the 880 overpass. the golden gate is still looking decent. not exactly put a light and easy ride. with no problems coming out of marin county. >> thank-you card drivers to use the san mateo bridge are going to need to find an alternate. there is seismic retrofitting taking place.
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this begins 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night and it will last until 5:00 a.m. monday. alternate routes include the dumbarton bridge, the bay bridge, highway 237. 60 million vehicles per year across the san mateo bridge. and it is clearly a beautiful morning. >> speaking of clear let us take a look outside. it is shaking a bit with breezy conditions at the higher elevations. with current conditions and temperatures we are seeing upper 40's. a chilly start. 62 degrees in antioch. 60s in oakland. 60s in hayward. and yes, we are tracking red flag warnings for the bay area. these are in effect for 8
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05 a.m. for the east bay hills and the north bay mountains. certainly be aware of that. to not barbecue. the orange is indicating where we will see those 90's for the livermore indicated by the red. those warm conditions will continue. you probably will not need a jacket and should you or strolling through town to town later. let me break down your afternoon highs. today could be one of the warmest days. 80s in sunnyvale. low 90s for pittsburgh, antioch. and san leandro. we are expecting decent weather for the north bay. 87 and petaluma. downtown san
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francisco. 87 degrees and keeping it in the '70s with comfortable conditions. great for the beach. ocean beach. the citydaly city the kif is at 5:20 with temperatures in the '70s with a little bit breezy. your kron 4 7 day around the bay hot weather is relatively short lived. tomorrow we will continue with that cool down as we transition into the weekend. big changes monday, to stay with wet weather. and primarily in the north bay. temperatures are struggling to get even to moderate levels at the warmest inland areas next
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week. >> storm damage out of tennessee mobile home residents have been evacuated. you can see this toppled trees as this line of storms continued to move across the midsection. 50,000 outages reported in the giants midsection. this also bring out the giants came from st. louis. >> dangers wild fires. was rained out because of this same weather system. -- >> firefighters evacuating 100 homes because of the path of this fire. they have been working air tankers and ground attacks with 40 percent containment. it is
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only 25 peacres but this is very steep terrain. you can see the rugged, steep terrain on the 25 a.. the cause is still under investigation. >> this top health an investigation is trading cash format and that means. dr. marvin bonham.. was a pediatrician but the of eventually was an administrative role. however, he started writing prescriptions for harsh chemicals such as oxycot in... they found a marijuana growing area and his crawl space at his home. 6:tutu to >> we've are waiting for
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this net shower that meteor shower. >> a lot of of yours sent us what looked like a meteor shower. a lot of of youry viewers eleanor, good morning. >> good morning. what happened last night? >> yes that brake light often called a fireball it was a piece of rock burning in our atmosphere. >> any idea of the size? >> i do not have a good size but a typical meteor is a size of grain of salt or sand.. however, this was significantly louder.
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>> because this was larger it did that cause the sound ? >> often the sound is from a sonic boom. >> we heard that it broke up over the hills and martinez. people hiking could see fragments is that safe to handle? this material? >> yes it is just rocks it they could look different. >> how could you tell what are you trying to look for? >> the shape of these rocks tends to have and david divets.. on the side when they
6:24 am
transitioned to the atmosphere. and they usually are darker in color. >> what do you do if you think you find something to you take it somewhere? >> and the bay area? over local expert on metoe ris peter yedeersin at the science center. would there be everybody at the science center that could give it a good look. >> i do not know at the top of my head. >> eleanor, what shall we expect for saturday night? shooting stars? >> the mid october is the oriaon meteor shower is a large star constellation and
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the media or from holly's comment. >> yes that is exactly what happened halley's com et...aftermanth ... that is expecting the peak of the meteor shower. after midnight. >> thank-you. she is from the james lick observatory. if you are hiking and see something strange it could be from upper space! [laughter]
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>> welcome back. there were positive numbers yesterday. rob black will be on the set in just a few moments. tim you have heard that the points and definitely some great warm temperatures yesterday. we will get to the weather and then the traffic. >> yes another hot today. beach weather. '70s. 90's
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for the inland areas. for tomorrow we will notice a significant cool down. 10 degrees cooler compared to what we are experiencing today. here is a look at the afternoon highs. 90's in antioch. and downtown san francisco is getting into the mix at 82 degrees. the afternoon highs and what we can expect for this weekend coming up in my next report. >> we have been tracking a couple of hot spots. and first and menlo park. on the bayshore freeway. this started off as a solo crashed and became a multi- vehicle accident. and all of these claims have been clear. however it is still sluggish with lanes- clearing. however this could not clear this morning from this backup because it is where traffic is usually quite congested. because of
6:32 am
the interchange with the dog barking. you just saw the traffic sensors. with the traffic-- however, we concede that it is still backed up from the nimitz all the way to the 238. >> a developing story we are following with a suspicious death investigation in castro valley. 2400 san carlos ave. there was a fighter. how did the person died? kron 4 ' else will tran is live. will? >> kron 4's. >> they just given us a news
6:33 am
investigation and they're not going to going to investigation. he was alone at the time firefighters got here at 12:30 a.m. a small house fire. while there were doing that they noticed they found a dead body. this retired san francisco firefighter was alone at that time and the house. they are not saying that this was a homicide it is to the left. that is where the body was found fiord that is where we can see the yellow tape. we did see that they will be there for the next several hours. any time there is somebody dies of a
6:34 am
non-natural cause they will have to send out their investigators. it could turn out that there is and accidental death. however they could investigate this and treat this as a homicide. this is a dead end road. we hope to speak to investigators later but the body is still a side home. coming up at 7:00 a.m. we will hear from people that knew him. he's lived in the neighborhood from 20 years. >> it is difficult to see because it is still park. the amount of damage in a fire like this. it is still--park.
6:35 am
>> because it is still-- dark outside you would not even know that there was a fire. however the firefighters were alerted from neighbors. it only took about 15 minutes to extinguish this fire. while going through the house that is when they found the body. they do not even know if he tried to make it out of the house. they are hoping for the best scenario however they are still collecting evidence. the corn roner is still collecting evidence. >> quite a mystery, thank- you. >> new this morning a 15 year-old petaluma girl is missing. investigators are asking for your help.
6:36 am
mendoza was seen getting into a car near a washington square shopping center. lilario ... this c page backtan car.... was last seen at the washington square shopping center. she was seen entering the car. if anybody has seen anything you are asked to call petaluma police. >> the first human case of west nile in livermore. health officials are not going to release him permission because of patient confidentiality. they learned of this late
6:37 am
last night. and they discovered that perhaps it was not in livermore he could have been infected some more calls. >> the person that travel history in the central valley. we're not particularly worried because the winter is coming. temperatures are declining. we've had a number of cases in california. we do not have a large number of biking mosquitos. we do not have any mosquitos testing positive there are a large number of mosquitos however not a lot of biting mosquitoes. in 6:3:08 p.m. we will be back.
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>> yelp will alert users if they see that some businesses go to extreme measures to boost their
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positive reviews. including paying people to write them. and then those are fraudulent. those are used to filter out these fake reviews the san francisco- based company that these alerts are going to go on business pages. and it will stay on there for 90 days. if they find more fraudulent produce it will be on their prolonged her. they can click on the alert to find more on the-fraudulent reduce their able to check it out later.
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>> newsweek is going to stop printing their publications, there exclusively no going digital. >> i think that it is great. digital advertising is more effective than print. we have heard out of london that they are going to go all digital. really, the only newspapers that are doing really well are the
6:48 am
wall street journal, the new york times still however, seeing a shift. >> is that because their leadership or readership fan was dow and their costs are rising? >> correct >> also, there could meme more opportunities. distributions it digitally. >> overall this is good. >> more reports from a rise in with a record profit. that verizon.. >> at&t and verizon are
6:49 am
doing a great job. >> and we will be speaking of winners and losers later with rob black. >> let us speak with weather & traffic. it is all about the heat wave. >> yes it is ahead of us and it is breezy. taking a live look at conditions from our mount tam cam. it is a cool and breezy start. santa roasa and novato and a red flag warning it is for the north bay mountains and the east bay hills. there is something to concern ourselves with with low humidity levels and dry conditions. that is a high fire danger formula. we will
6:50 am
saee temperatures increasing. later tonight by 8:00 p.m. at those warm conditions contending with '70s along the coast. 90's expected for this afternoon in antioch. mostly sunny skies for the east bay shore. 82 is in downtown san francisco. if you think that is taught my advice is to go to the coast. beautiful weather. if you think that this -- hot. it looks like the bodegga bay coast is alos looking good your kron 4 7 day around the bay that fall
6:51 am
will be returning. along the coast saturday and sunday we will see temperatures are run the seasonal average. as we start the next workweek there is a cool front that could bring showers. the green chances could be more widespread. the rain chance this could be more widespread. it is the peninsula commute that is still backed up. it is gone but all lanes are clear. you can see is this is slow highway 85. continuing to highway 84. all the way to 92. it was 92 westbound that it was backed up so bad that there was an accident before
6:52 am
the san mateo toll bridge. it is gone but still delays associated with 880 southbound and the 92 is still impacted towards the bridge spanned. stil however, 13 minutes however in the next 1.5 hours it is likely that those could be climbing. with stop and go conditions. remember, the san mateo bridge will be closed this weekend. the bay bridge toll plaza there was an accident. there are things that are moving but there are big backups. it is already backed up to the macarthur maze. the golden gate is quietly going along. no problems northbound or southbound. >> thank-you. a quick live look at mount tam we will be right back
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>> welcome back. this is from the james lick observatory the meteor from left to right it is estimated that it was the size of a car.. you could see fragments if you are hiking through the hills today. also, let us check the gasoline prices. they have dropped again, overnight. just light a few cents but least they are dropping. the state average is 4:54 oakland prices are
6:57 am
also down. and san jose prices are also down a few cents from yesterday. >> 6:57 we have a developing story and a mystery in castro valley. this man's body was found from perhaps a fire or something else? we're hoping it better day for the st. louis team for we're hoping it better day for the st. louis team for the san francisco giants. about a(car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward.
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with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.
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